Business, Tech & Life Hacks From World-Class Experts – Inaugural Episode – Ep #1 – Business, Tech & Life Hacks From World-Class Experts – Inaugural Episode – Ep #1

10/02/2016 by Ravi Jayagopal Cut To The Chase: A Very Different Show - Inaugural Episode #1 10/02/2016
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Welcome to Cut To The Chase, a podcast that brings you Business, Tech & Life Hacks From World-Class Experts, while cutting out all of the fluff, the awkward hellos and boring small talk, and cuts right to the chase and provides a concentrated dose of awesome hacks for work and play. The web site can be found at

I’m your host Ravi Jayagopal. I’m the creator of CoolCastPlayer, arguably the prettiest podcast player on the planet, at

In this inaugural episode, I wanted to give you a quick story about how this podcast came about.

I’ve been a podcast junkie for a few years now. Radio is all but dead to me, and I listen to podcasts while doing a lot of other activities: Like walking my dog, going for a run, shopping for groceries, doing the dishes, and even while on the dentist’s chair getting my teeth drilled into. If you go to the shownotes for this episode, at, you will see actual pictures of me on the dentist’s chair, listening to a podcast with a Bluetooth headset.

And many of the shows that I listen to, feature guest interviews. And the format is usually… guest is introduced, then they say hello and then there’s some awkward banter, then the host usually goes “Tell us a little bit about yourself”, and that triggers the obligatory story of how the guest got started with their life and career, followed by a lot, and I mean a LOT of backstory and trivial details, before they eventually get around to the meat of the show, and that’s where the guest shares their best work and ideas. And if you already heard that same guest on different shows, then congratulations… you now got to to listen to the same ol’ story for like, the 10th time.

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– Ravi Jayagopal
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