Memberships and Community Building – James Schramko – Ep #3 –

Memberships and Community Building – James Schramko – Ep #3

10/10/2016 by Ravi Jayagopal Memberships and Community Building - James Schramko - Ep #3 10/10/2016
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Welcome to Cut To The Chase, a podcast that brings you Business, Tech & Life Hacks From World-Class Experts, while cutting out all of the fluff, the awkward hellos and boring small talk, and cuts right to the chase and provides a concentrated dose of awesome hacks for work and play.

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Special guest host on this episode is James Schramko from James is one of the smartest, most genuine, authentic online marketers I know.

He has made over 10 million dollars in online sales of his own products and services. I have been following him for many years now. He started his Superfastbusiness podcast back in 2009, and it is one that I am subscribed to, never miss an episode, and listen to it usually within a day of a new episode coming out.

James is a man after my own heart – he is very laid back, embodies the ultimate in having a lifestyle business, he surfs, he doesn’t tell you to work crazy hours, but in fact, he preaches the exact opposite – to have fun doing what you do. He is an avid surfer – you know, the type where you surf in the ocean with a surfboard. And at his yearly live event called SuperfastbusinessLive, that he runs every year in his hometown of Manly in Sydney, Australia, he even takes his seminar attendees for surfing sessions! I’m hoping to be able to attend SFB Live some day.

He is one really cool dude, softspoken, incredibly smart, very mindful of people, his products and his processes, and I’m super thrilled to have him on today’s episode.

So without further ado, let’s cut to the chase, with James Schramko.

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