Only Geeks Have Podcasts (Not) – Dave Jackson, – Ep #2 –

Only Geeks Have Podcasts (Not) – Dave Jackson, – Ep #2

10/05/2016 by Ravi Jayagopal Only Geeks Have Podcasts (Not) - Dave Jackson, - Ep #2 10/05/2016
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Welcome to Cut To The Chase, a podcast that brings you Business, Tech & Life Hacks From World-Class Experts, while cutting out all of the fluff, the awkward hellos and boring small talk, and cuts right to the chase and provides a concentrated dose of awesome hacks for work and play.

I’m your host Ravi Jayagopal. I’m the creator of CoolCastPlayer, arguably the prettiest podcast player on the planet, at

The guest host of this episode, is Dave Jackson from Dave has been podcasting since 2005, and his podcast episodes have been downloaded well over a million times.

Even though I knew Dave from “back in the day”, that is by the way, a Dave’ism, from when he was using, or DAP, I truly started following Dave last year when I was doing the research to start my own podcast, and I found his show, loved every bit of it, went and downloaded a massive number of earlier episodes, and he has been the biggest inspiration and has had the the biggest influence on me as a as a podcaster.

Which is why, I had to have him on as the first-ever guest host on this show.

Dave literally owns the entire first page of a Google search for the keywords Podcast Coach.

So without further ado, let’s cut to the chase, with Dave Jackson…

(listen to the show for the rest)


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– Ravi Jayagopal
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